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The largest country in central Europe, Germany is a popular destination for travellers, whether it’s to see the ancient forests and towns, learn about the nation’s turbulent history, or perhaps delve into the wonderful culture of music and fashion that has developed here.

Germany has nine neighbouring countries including: Austria, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. This makes Germany a great gateway to explore other European countries and what better way to do so than with a hire car! A hire car from DriveAway will give you the freedom to explore Germany and the surrounding countries at your own leisure and allow you to plan your own unique self-drive itinerary.

When driving in another country, it is important to be aware of their road rules and regulations. As these rules can differ between each country, we have put together a driving tips page containing plenty of information about driving in Germany. Select to view it but please be aware that this information should be used as a guide only, if you have any further questions please visit the website of the local authorities.

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The largest city and capital of Germany is Berlin, located in the north east of the country. Berlin is a great place to begin your self-drive holiday, and is a city which prides itself on art, music, culture, and racial tolerance. With loads of art galleries and museums, as well as districts of cafes, bars and nightclubs, Berlin is sure to keep any visitor busy.

The other major cities in Germany by size are Munich, Frankfurt and Hamburg, with each one having attractions of its own and definitely worth a visit. Although not quite as large but still high on the list for places to visit are Dusseldorf, Nuremberg and Bremen.

“The Romantic Road” is the most famous of Germany’s scenic routes winding its way from the River Main to the Alps. Hiring a car and driving from Wuerzburg to Fuessen it is approximately a 360 km journey that provides some of the most engaging mix of scenery, cuisine and ambience that Germany has to offer.

A car hire in Germany will allow you the independence to drive through some of the most beautiful picturesque and medieval towns along the Rhine River and The Black Forest. Also, a must see is the famous fairytale castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof which are located in the heart of Bavaria.

Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Berlin to Munich 585 5.5
Berlin to Frankfurt 550 5
Berlin to Hamburg 290 3
Cologne to Dusseldorf 40 0.75
Dresden to Leipzig 120 1.5
Frankfurt to Cologne 190 2
Frankfurt to Hanover 350 3.5
Frankfurt to Dusseldorf 230 2.25
Hamburg to Hanover 150 1.5
Munich to Stuttgart 230 2.5
Munich to Frankfurt 405 3.75

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