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Neon lights on large over-saturated signs line the streets and brilliant billboards paint buildings. Loud music and the ringing of slot machines can be heard from pretty much anywhere you go. Welcome to Las Vegas, "Sin City". You’ll find it hard to run out of things to do in the United States’ entertainment capital.

Why driving in Las Vegas is easy

Due to all the large attractions in Las Vegas, roads are the easiest way to travel. The Las Vegas Strip is home to most of the flashy casinos and crazy bars. Driving along the strip is mesmerising, with lots to catch your eye. In Vegas, the Strip just scratches the surface. Beyond the Strip are roads that lead to natural wonders such as Red Rock Canyon, as well as desert ghost towns and the man-made goliath, Hoover Dam.

From the City of Lights to the Valley of Fire

Las Vegas may be known for flashing lights and large casinos, however just outside the glittering city lies natural wonders all within an hours’ drive away. To the east of Las Vegas is Lake Mead, a national park containing a large man-made lake, and north of this is the stunning Valley of Fire State Park, known for its magnificent red sandstone formations.

How to get the best parking spot in Las Vegas

Parking in Las Vegas is pretty straightforward. Most of the casinos and hotels have parking garages for their clients and if you’re staying a bit further away from the strip, curbside parking should still be available to you. Just keep in mind that some of the parking garages offer valet parking and may require payment or a tip. Find out who offers free secure parking and walk to other casinos if need be.

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Experience Las Vegas

Las Vegas Las Vegas

Start your journey by collecting your Las Vegas rental car from the Las Vegas Airport, located just five minutes from the city centre, and explore the city which never sleeps, at your own pace. With a rental car in Las Vegas, make scenic day trips and visit great places. If you have the time, be sure to take a day trip with along famous Route 66. This historic stretch of road is one of the most popular drives for tourists travelling in a rental car or motorhome.

Las Vegas has plenty to offer singles and families alike. With over 20 resorts, there will always be somewhere for you to eat, sleep and play. Beyond the entertainment fueled delights of the city are a wide range of engaging natural activities.

Consider the following for your self-drive Las Vegas holiday:

  • Drive over to the Red Rock Canyon and check out all the beautiful scenery and the wide range of animals, including, red-tailed hawks, desert bighorn sheep, lizards, mule deer, coyotes, gray foxes and mountain lions.
  • Take a ride on the world’s tallest Ferris wheel, the High Roller - a 170m high wheel on the Las Vegas Strip and take in the city and all its lights.
  • For something fun and free to do visit the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens at Bellagio – each season a team of talented horticulturalists and designers update the gardens with impressive and inventive displays.

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Cities (To and From) Distance (Approx. km) Travel Time (Approx. hr)
Las Vegas – Los Angeles 435 4.25
Las Vegas – Flagstaff 402 4
Las Vegas – Salt Lake City 677 6
Las Vegas – Phoenix 478 5

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