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DriveAway Hire Car Excess Insurance

What is Insurance Excess?

Rental rates include basic insurance – Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), Third Party Liability and Theft Protection (TP). In the event that a rental vehicle is stolen or accidently damaged (whether the driver is at fault or not), the Insurance Excess is the maximum amount the renter is liable for.

The cost varies depending on the supplier, country and vehicle type e.g. in France the excess can range from €500-1,800. Additional coverage to reduce the excess is optional and can be purchased direct from the supplier when picking up your car. Alternatively, DriveAway Holidays offers insurance at the time of booking to cover any damage and theft excess charges up to $5,000 NZD.

What is DriveAway Hire Car Excess Insurance?

DriveAway Hire Car Excess Insurance is an optional pre-paid product offered by DriveAway Holidays to refund the excess amount charged by the car rental supplier. It provides you with hassle free extra cover when renting a car.

For less than $10 NZD per day, you will be covered for the supplier’s damage and theft excess costs incurred locally. Should the local supplier charge you the excess amount on the vehicle, you may claim up to $5,000 NZD through DriveAway Holidays when you return to New Zealand.

What does it cost?

All cars only $9.90 NZD per day.

Benefits to you:

Cost comparison in the event of an incident:

Driveaway Hire Car Excess Insurance Comparison

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Terms and Conditions

Information: Any information previously provided to you on DriveAway Hire Car Excess Insurance is only a summary of the benefits, please read the following carefully and seek clarification if you do not understand any points.

To Make A Claim : You must complete the following claim form and provide the documentation listed below to DriveAway Holidays.

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Driveaway Hire Car Excess Insurance

Last updated 19 January 2018. All information is correct at time of print & subject to change without notice.