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Driving Between the USA and Canada

Road trips and driving holidays in the USA and Canada have been a popular method of travel for decades.

Whether it’s a group of students squeezing into a hatchback or a family travelling in a deluxe motorhome, the open roads of North America are perfect for getting around and exploring the area.

With relatively relaxed borders between Canada and the US, it’s simple enough to drive across these days. Car rental suppliers do have some rules regarding where you can take their cars however, and there are certain documents you will need to present at the border.

Crossing the Border

Requesting one way rentals between USA and Canada

Important information

When driving across the border, you may be stopped and asked to provide certain documents in order to continue. These are usually identification, as well as any documents that come with the rental agreement when collecting your car, so before you head off, be sure you check you have everything at time of pick up.

The border between the USA and Canada is quite easy to cross compared to many other international boundaries in the world and as long as you have permission from the rental company and all necessary documents, you should have no worries at all!

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This information is to be used as a general guide only as terms and conditions vary between each supplier. Contact DriveAway for full terms and conditions. Last updated: 11 February 2020