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Driving Tips in Europe

Driving Tips

Car Rental Depot information in Europe

DriveAway offers great competitive rates and choices with reputable suppliers throughout Europe. Our Suppliers are located throughout Europe at airport and city collections for your convenience.

Car Hire Driving Distances in Europe

Driving Licence

A full valid driver’s license is required for a minimum of 2 years in some locations. An International licence is required for New Zealand drivers licence holders in selected destinations. Please check Terms and Conditions at time of booking.

Age Restrictions

Generally the minimum age is 21 years, but can vary between the car rental company and location. Maximum age limits apply in some locations, a young/senior driver surcharge may apply. Please check Terms and Conditions when making an enquiry or booking.

Road Rules, Laws and Driving Regulations

General road rules and driving regulations in Europe

Border Crossing

Once you have planned the countries you wish to visit in Europe, it is a good idea to study each countries laws, entry requirements and car hire supplier travel restrictions. As you pass the borders into another country you become subject to all that countries laws. Generally whats required by you when crossing between countries in your car hire is your passport, applicable visa's, vehicle registration or certificate from supplier, travel documents and a cross border fee. Custom Officers will require you to stop at the border gates and ask you to present both passengers and drivers documents for checks, and a vehicle check may even be taken out. Make note that most border crossing within Europe maybe closed during the night.


For more information regarding Driving Information and Driving Rules within each country of Europe, please visit Europe Car Hire and select your desired country.


*Please note distances and time should only be used as a guide, and may vary according to the route taken.

Last Updated 28 September 2010

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