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Euro-Leasing Frequently Asked Questions



Euro-Leasing allows you to take temporary ownership of a brand new, tax free vehicle which gives you the opportunity to spend an extended period in Europe.

The time period for a lease is usually between 14 and approximately 170 days, excluding leases returning to Portugal where the maximum duration is 90 days. However, maximum duration will vary depending on locations.

In New Zealand, we offer European leasing with Renault Eurodrive.

To take advantage of a Euro-Lease, you must meet all of the following criteria:

    You must be an New Zealand Resident.
    Reside outside of the European Union.
    Stay in the European Union for no more than 185 days in any consecutive 12 month period.
    Not carry out any activity for gain during your stay (No working visas allowed).
    Be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver's licence.

Final balance is due by the invoice due date, please refer to your invoice for payment.

DriveAway requires final payment on the specified invoice date. If for any reason final payment is not received by the due date, DriveAway reserve the right to treat the reservation as a cancellation.

Each country has different laws and regulations, any non-English speaking country will require you to purchase an International Driving Permit. Check DriveAway's International Driving Permit page for more information.

Yes this is permitted.

Even though Euro-Leasing vehicles come with a nil excess and Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), you may want to purchase additional insurance for your personal belongings when you arrive. Alternatively, you can check with your travel insurance if they can offer this.

No - this is not required.

Upon pick up you will need to provide the prepaid voucher from DriveAway, driver's license and your passport.

Yes you can. When completing the contracts you must complete the declaration of honour which outlines your intention to travel along with travel dates and a copy of your New Zealand residency visa or passport. If this is Electronic you may provide a copy of a utility bill more than 6 months old showing your residential address. You must not reside in the EU (European Union) and you must have been in New Zealand for more than 6 months. Detailed information including the declaration of honour will be sent with your forms when your booking has been confirmed.

No. The vehicle can only be delivered to the registered driver or to his/her spouse or partner. In this second case, the spouse or partner must show the original (and not a photocopy) of a proxy form completed and signed in their name by the registered driver (contract holder). This proxy form must include the phrase: "I authorise my spouse/partner [insert name] to take delivery of and drive my vehicle." A photocopy of the contract holder's passport is also required.

Yes you are able to have additional drivers and there is no additional fee, however there are strict restrictions as follows.

  • Immediate family members may drive the vehicle; however under no circumstance can they take the vehicle across any borders.
  • Immediate family members are spouse/partner, direct descendants and ascendants of the registered driver.
  • The term 'spouse' is understood in the broadest sense and may apply to a cohabiting partner or civil partner, provided that proof of this relation is provided.

All additional drivers must comply with all requirements of the long term car hire.

The vehicle will be delivered with between 10-15 litres of fuel (depending on the model), which in most cases is enough to get out of the city or on your way. You are not required to return the vehicle full and there are no charges in doing this. You can choose to add and pre-pay for a tank of fuel on your booking if you wish.

As you will be driving a French car it is your responsibility to source this sticker. These can be purchased from vehicle registration offices, vehicle inspection stations (TUV's in German), authorised garages and post offices. Simply show the registration papers that you are given at the start of the long term car hire and the dealer will provide you with the emission sticker. The cost is approximately EUR8.

All vehicles are fitted with standard tyres prior to leaving the factory unless stated in the vehicle description. Some vehicles have Mud and Snow (MS) Tyres as a typical feature and will be listed in the description. Standard tyres not are suitable in some countries or weather conditions in the colder months. Certain countries would require, by law, that vehicles be fitted with Winter Tyres or equivalent Mud and Snow Tyres to travel during the colder period, November to April. Euro-Leasing companies does not hire or sell winter tyres. If the client wishes to have winter tyres, it's the client's responsibility to purchase them whilst overseas and have them fitted and removed at an authorised dealer. The vehicle needs to be returned with the original tyres fitted. Snow chains can be purchased from a service station and used (at clients cost), however they are not suitable for highway driving. Mud and Snow Tyres with Grip Control, which meet the legal restrictions in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, can be requested on certain vehicles; contact DriveAway for full details and further information.

No. Extensions or changes are possible however you will need to contact Euro-Leasing company direct and arrange this with them. All costs will be in Euro’s and current taxes applied.

For any further queries, do not hesitate to call us on 0800 885 590. Please check our Contact Us page for our office hours.

Renault Eurodrive

Before Your Travel

No. But you can sign up for personal belongings insurance when you place your order with your Renault Eurodrive representative.

This is for Renault's use only, in cases of any traffic infringements or items not returned with the vehicle, for example keys, registration papers etc. There is no credit card block or freeze on your card.

Yes, if a booking is cancelled outside 6 weeks of pick up an NZD500 cancellation fee will apply. If booking is cancelled within 6 weeks of collection or the vehicle is not collected/no show, a cancellation fee of NZD500 plus EUR 800 supplier levy will apply. In some cases, credit card fees and/or travel agent charges may apply.

No, Renault does not offer this service. They provide the popular colours of the day in order to sell locally upon completion of your lease.

You will need to have the following on you - your Renault Eurodrive contract - an international driver's license – a valid passport. If you have asked someone else to collect the vehicle, make sure you give this person written authorisation.

During Your Travel

Your vehicle is covered for full comprehensive insurance in the following countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece (including Greek Islands) , Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Monaco, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the Vatican.

Renault Eurodrive Insurance and Assistance does not cover Albania, Belarus, Cyprus, Kosovo, Moldavia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom. For full terms and conditions regarding the Insurance and Assistance cover provided, please refer to the Insurance details provided in your travel documents or prior to collections of your vehicle, please check with our office. Terms and Insurance coverage are subject to change; please contact our office for further information.

No. Unfortunately no geographical extension to the insurance contract is possible.

If you decide to visit a country not covered by our insurance/assistance you are fully liable and must pay all expenses resulting from a breakdown, accident or other issue.

Yes, absolutely. You must simply contact the Renault head office in Paris to make the change. See the Travel Booklet given to you with your travel documents to get the phone number and opening hours of the centre along with a map. Additional Fees may apply.

No. Once you have paid DriveAway, you will be given a prepaid voucher. This will cover you for your long term car hire and there are no extras to pay other than tolls, highway charges or fuel. There is no deposit required or credit card imprints taken at time of collection.

The documents you are given when you take delivery of your car - the vehicle registration document (grey card), car insurance and Warranty booklet and your identity papers (Passport, international driver's licence) suffice to cross European borders. However, you may need to purchase a special disc to travel in certain countries. Is it possible to have the vehicle delivered or picked up at the end of the contract? We unfortunately can only deliver vehicles to Renault Eurodrive delivery centres. French legislation prevents us from driving your vehicle.

All Renault deliveries will be provided with a security kit which includes a reflective jacket and triangle. Renault will charge the client's credit card should the item/s not be returned with the vehicle. Some countries may have individual equipment requirements so this should be researched when planning an itinerary. Renault cannot predict where each client will travel and therefore leave it to the client to investigate and purchase.

Detailed information is available in the Renault Travel Book which is supplied in your vehicle. However, it is relatively simple. You need to follow the same procedure as you would at home. Contact the police and fill out an accident report form. You must contact the Renault Customer Assistance Team as soon as possible and follow their instructions. Keep any documents relating to the accident and fax the documents to Renault Assistance. In the event of your vehicle being stolen once you have notified Renault, the promissory note amount will not be invoked.

Yes, please make sure you contact the Renault Depot 3- business days before your intended return date to make an appointment. Please Note: There are no refunds for early return of your vehicle. We strongly suggest you purchase suitable travel insurance prior to departing your country of origin.

Last updated 04 April 2022. All information is correct at time of print & subject to change without notice.

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