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Collecting your Motorcycle:

Insurance Excess Terms:

Insurance Excess Terms:

Local Excess Reduction Insurance:

Security Deposit / Bond:

Pre-Paid Fuel Option:


Unused Days: Once the rental has commenced, there is no refund for unused rental days or if the motorcycle is returned earlier than booked. Note: motorcycle rental staff are NOT authorised to amend this contractual condition. We strongly recommend you are covered by adequate Travel Insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Terms & Conditions: For general conditions, cancellations and no-show fees, see the Terms and Conditions section here or the DriveAway Holidays’ brochure. Conditions apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any one way fees (i.e. pick up at one location and drop off at another location)?
A. Generally one way rentals are permitted within the same country. There may be restrictions, minimum hires and extra charges that will be advised at the time of quotation / booking. Once the motorcycle has been collected and you wish to change the drop off location, you will need to contact the supplier for permission; additional costs may apply.

Q. What do I do if I wish to extend my hire whilst overseas?
A. Please contact the motorcycle rental company for a quote on the cost of the additional rental days. Be sure to ask for the total cost inclusive if insurance and taxes and make a note of the person who has advised the information. In some instances the rental company will suggest you contact your Travel Agent or DriveAway Holidays to arrange for a new voucher to cover the extra days. Payment should then be made to DriveAway Holidays and a new voucher is issued and faxed overseas to cover the extension or new rental.

Q. Where can I drive my motorcycle? Are there any restrictions?

A. Motorcycles must be driven on sealed, well-maintained roads only. Any travel on gravel roads, beaches and other non-public roads voids all insurance Vehicles collected in the USA generally cannot be driven into Mexico without prior authorisation. Conditions apply. Travel into Death Valley is generally not permitted between the months of June to August due to extreme weather conditions. During these months, clients travel at their own risk.

Q. Can I take a motorcycle on a ferry?
A. Generally the motorcycle will not be covered for any damage whilst it’s on the ferry. Refer to your Rental Agreement at the time of collection.

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Last updated 29 November 2017. All information is correct at time of print & subject to change without notice.