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Five Reasons you should hire a Motorhome

Choosing to take a motorhome holiday is a choice you will never regret, it shows you a different side of travelling and allows you to go off the beaten track. Here are five reasons why you must consider a motorhome holiday for your next adventure:

1. Flexibility

Forget the stress of running to catch the last train for the day or the choice of only one service a day. Want to divert from the itinerary and see something different? You can’t do that on a tour! Travel where and when you want in a motorhome.


2. Price

Renting a RV combines both accommodation and wheels in one! This means more money in your pocket for the important stuff. Check out our comparison on renting a motorhome in New Zealand and see how much you could save! Also look out for our deals and you could save a motser!


3. Modern amenities

The majority of motorhomes have amenities more modern than a hotel. Feel like cooking eggs for breakfast? No problem! A hearty steak dinner after a day of sightseeing? Easy! Not to mention the savings from not eating out!

Modern Amenities  

4. Step back to nature

If you want to see the sunrise, you would have to leave your hotel at 4am. In a motorhome the sunrise is there waiting for you as you open your eyes. Room with a view at half the cost? Check!?

Step Back To Nature  

5. The people you meet

You will make friends for life at RV parks and campgrounds. Mingle over a cuppa or play a game of cricket. Learn tips from the locals and fellow travellers – many people change their plans after speaking to fellow motorhome travellers.

People You Meet  

So what are you waiting for? Renting a motorhome is the perfect opportunity to spend some time with the family and friends while exploring a new exciting destination, all from the comfort of your self-contained vehicle. Need some help picking the perfect vehicle? Select your destination to view the suppliers available.

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