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The Alpine Road

Picturesque towns and alpine countryside, with 21 mountain lakes, 25 castles, palaces, abbeys and more than 60 spa resorts; this stunning drive will give you a foretaste of what the German Alpine Road has to offer.

The German Alpine Drive is an adventure playground extending over 450km through winding panoramic views, green forests and pastures. Starting in the Bavarian town of Lindau you will enjoy seeing the famous architecture and enjoy some of the outdoor attractions like cycling, sailing, hiking, and swimming. Another well-known attractions in the spring or summer seasons is the Gardens of Lindau, offering even more beautiful scenery.

Fussen is the next stop along the Alpine Drive and is again another place rich in history and thoughtful architecture. This amazing city comes with seemingly unlimited choices for restaurants, shops, and little alleys to discover even more. Throughout the year the city holds medieval festivals and in the lower seasons it is nice to escape from the crowds. A must see is Ludwig’s castle which is unquestionably one of the most famous stopover points throughout the whole drive - so don’t miss out!

Drive along east from Fussen and you will come across a unique jewel of Germany; Walchensee or Lake Walchen, home to one of the largest and deepest alpine lakes in Germany. Tucked away and the main location of Walchensee is a very relaxed and untouched destination, with breathtaking views and crystal clear blue waters. If you are in to climbing and hiking there is more than one summit to tackle and there are campsites nearby.

Arriving in to the final destination, Berchtesgaden, you will pass Reit im Winkel which is especially beautiful during the spring months. In Berchtesgaden you can visit the lodge that was used as a political base for Adolf Hitler and has now become a famous tourist attraction. Along with the history of this beautiful city the landscape is even more astounding - with all-round spectacular views, snowcapped mountains and so many interesting parts of each city, it’s no wonder why people visit these destinations over and over again.

Drive the Alpine Road, Germany

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