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Moselle Wine Route

If you like the good things in life; wine, food and beautiful surroundings then don’t go past the Moselle Wine Route. The drive of roughly 250km, takes you around the Moselle Valley from the Western town of Perl to Koblenz where the Moselle River and Rhine merge. If you might not have known already the Moselle Valley is one of Germany’s best wine producing locations. The driving route takes you along the borders of all internationally commended wine-growing villages and magnificent vineyards. The region is referred to as the Palatine region - one of the largest steep sloped wine-growing regions, with many charming restaurants and bars along the way.

The drive begins in Perl where you will see a lot of the Roman influences in both the architecture and culture. Visit the Roman Mosaic Floor and the Roman Villa Borg which is a reconstructed Roman villa. The villa is a very popular tourist sight welcoming around 50,000 visitors per year.

The Moselle Wine Route takes you through the dreamy countryside, along stunning wineries with slopes covered in vineyards, and brings us to the next stop, Trier. Trier is one of Germany’s oldest cities and again you will come across many Roman ruins. Stand out attractions include the Porta Gate, Trier Cathedral, the amphitheatre and the Karl Marx House which has been adapted in modern days to a museum.

Driving north-east, the next stop is the small town of Trittenheim. Surrounded by vineyards growing Riesling grapes, it's only polite to have some tastings of the most popular wine in this region. Trittenheim is one of the most picturesque towns on the journey so be sure to stop and relax for a couple of days, especially if you are wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. Continuing on you will arrive at the next destination Bernkastel-Kues. This stunning city is spread out over the water and is lined with charming timber-framed houses. Take in the sights and make sure to try the local cheeses and meats - delicious! If you are travelling around early September you must visit Bernkastel-Kues for the Wine Festival of the middle Moselle. Some of the highlights include a firework display, the traditional wine growers’ parade and a fantastic range of musical events.

On to Beilstein where in the busy months of summer the city comes alive with local markets showing off all produce in an ancient setting dating back to 1322. A site not to be missed! Venturing on to the next city, Cochem, you will come across more historic city centres. Looking above the city you will see the Cochem Castle which is the largest on the Moselle drive - here you can check out the guided tours which are quite interesting.

Our last destination is the gorgeous city of Koblenz; right on the iconic river Rhine with plenty of history and sights to take in, its no wonder you would save the best until last. If you’re lucky to be here in the summer and spring months then go ahead and see some of the festivals being held in Koblenz, like the Mendelssohn Festival held in late September which is an entire festival dedicated to the music of famous composers. Other festivals include celebrations of different types of music from classical to rock which can be found all around the city. Sit back, reflect and enjoy the last stop of your self-drive adventure with food, music and good company.

Discover the Moselle Wine Region

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