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Bologna To Mont Blanc

Rolling Hills and Breathtaking Views

This road trip is for everyone who has a love for nature and being surrounded by breathtaking views. Starting from Bologna, Italy, to Mont Blanc, France; you will be winding through mountainous plains with a variety of places to visit, ranging from wineries to Churches, while tasting authentic Italian food.

Allow Mother Nature’s masterpieces to keep you enthralled. Total driving time is between 7-9 hours (depending on road conditions, personal travel pace and detours).

Start: Bologna, Italy

Finish: Mont Blanc, France

Duration: Approx. 654km - 3 Days (depending on travel pace)

Day 1: Bologna to Pisa via Florence

Duration: Approx. 188km – 3hrs

Enjoy a more scenic and long winding route toward Pisa via Florence by travelling on the A14 Autostrada, followed by E35. On this route you will have plenty of opportunities to stop by places to explore, or to have some brunch along the side of the road.

Start your day by visiting the Basilica Santuario di Madonna di San Luca and hop on the tourist train to the world’s longest portico and the Church, where you can capture spectacular photographs of the view.

There are plenty of opportunities to admire the view during your journey while taking part in activities such as the Lovanda Dei Cinque Cerri Farmhouse, 20 minutes from Bologna. While driving, keep an eye out for encompassing views of rolling hills, grassy fields and mountains and highlands.

Once you’ve reached Florence, visit Museums, Churches and monuments - or simply roam the streets. Visit wineries or farms to appreciate the agriculture and fresh produce. Az.Agr. Poggio Tondo di Ciaschi Dario, is a local winery that produces wine and extra virgin olive oils. While you’re in the area it may be worthwhile visiting Wehrheim Susanna Farm.

Vineyard in Italy

Continue on Strada Statale 1 to Pisa, where you can dine and stay overnight. There are plenty of options to cater for you and your budget.

Tip: Before visiting local wineries or farm, ensure they are open to public before turning up.

Day 2: Pisa To Genoa

Duration: Approx. 133km – 2hrs

Start off your day nice and early by visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Cattedrale di Pisa and grab some traditional Italian breakfast while you’re in the area. You could also try out the Filter Coffee Lab. Follow this by visiting some Museums within the area such as the National Museum or Museo dell'Opera del Duomo (Cathedral Museum). Head over to Corso Italia for some shopping before you leave.

Once you’re back on the road follow the A12 Autostrada Azzurra and find yourself driving through roads loosely lined with trees and grazed pieces of land, offering truly stunning views.

As you pass over Fiume Serchio River, stop by and admire the view, maybe even feed some birds, perhaps visit the local cake shop, Pasticceria Daniela Di Badalassi Daniela.

Once on the E80, you will have plenty of places to stop for lunch and rest breaks as you approach more mountains and highlands. Take note of the costal views to your left. You will also be seeing houses perched up on highlands – just imagine the views they have!

Upon arrival at Genoa you can visit Via Garibaldi, a historical street lined with palatial residences. Head over to Acquario di Genova, an aquarium in a ship-like building. Genoa also has a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs.

Open road in Tuscany

Tip: Visit famous landmarks and tourist attractions earlier in the day (8am), before peak times.

Day 3: Genoa To Mont Blanc

Duration: Approx. 335km – 4hrs

Start your day off at dawn by walking by the sea and grabbing some breakfast and coffee to prep you for your final day. Take the E25 as you travel through more highlands and witnessing more breathtaking views and mountains covered in rugs of green trees, surrounding you from every direction.

Stop over for some brunch at Auto-grill on the side of the road before you complete another long stretch of driving ahead of you, prepare for long winding roads with declines and elevated roads.

Visit Castello di Verres, a 14th century castle located in Verrès. Ascend on a mule track, winding up the mountains and follow through until you reach the castle. Use this as an opportunity to take some memorable photographs. Head back into town and have some food at restaurant Carpe Diem.

You can continue on the T1 to our final destinations, Mont Blanc, the world’s highest mountain in the Alps. As you approach you will be driving through the picturesque landscapes, snowcapped peaks against the skyline. This is a wonderful opportunity to appreciate Mother Nature’s beauty.

Mont Blanc in Europe

Tip: Take caution if travelling in winter. As you near Mont Blanc as weather conditions may result in extra travel time or blocked/closed off roads.

And there you have it, you have travelled through countless amounts of beautiful scenery from Bologna, Florence, Pisa, Genoa, Verrès and Mont Blanc. You will surely be taking home something very memorable.

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