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Top Drives - Canada

Embrace the Great White North with DriveAway's Top Drives in Canada. Canada has everything from multi-cultural, modern cities and beaches to imposing mountains and glaciers. This strikingly beautiful nation has much to offer every visitor. Read through the suggested road trips below to find the route that's best for you.Take a look at the our Canada Top Drives to find out more!

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The Rocky Mountains & Glaciers

Drive the beautiful Rocky Mountains, one of Canada's pristine attractions. Winter or summer, this drive encompasses soaring mountains, pristine lakes and frozen glaciers, be sure to pack your camera as you'll want to remember these stunning landscapes.

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The Vancouver Adventure

Begin the drive in Vancouver, where the mountains meet the sea and explore the landscapes of Silverwater, with many things to see and do, including white-water rafting, mountain falls or even take a tour around Clearwater Lake.

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Lighthouse Route - Nova Scotia

With over 160 historic lighthouses dotted along the coastline of Nova Scotia in Canada’s east, this driving route is perfect for any maritime traveller looking to take in the sights and sounds of the sea.

  • Starting Point: Halifax
  • Destination: Yarmouth
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The Dempster Highway

Bundle up and hop in as you prepare to cross the Arctic Circle. Experience a world apart while following the Dempster Highway, with the most northerly public road in Canada, leading travellers through Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

  • Starting Point: Dawson City
  • Destination: Inuvik
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Canadian Rockies Wildlife

One of the most spectacular drives in Alberta takes you through the heart of Kananaskis Country on a three-hour loop starting in Kananaskis Village into Canmore, the largest community in the Canadian Rockies.

  • Starting Point: Kananaskis
  • Destination: Canmore
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The Golden Circle

Make sure you have at least 6 days to venture around the 600km Golden Circle, which begins and ends in the town of Whitehorse, crosses through Alaska and back to Whitehorse.

  • Starting Point: Whitehorse
  • Destination: Whitehorse
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The Icefields Parkway

Hit the road to find out why National Geographic named Highway 93, otherwise known as The Icefields Parkway, one of the top 20 "drives of a lifetime".

  • Starting Point: Jasper
  • Destination: Lake Louise
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Sea to Sky Highway

Take in what British Colombia has to offer on this stunning route running 135km long is filled with opportunities to experience the unbelievable terrain of this western province. From wine tasting and spa treatments to extreme sports and bear watching, British Colombia has something for everyone.

  • Starting Point: Vancouver
  • Destination: Whistler
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Toronto to Niagara Falls

The wonder of the powerful Niagara Falls, located on the US-Canada border, is just a short trip from Toronto, Canada’s most populous city. This drive takes approximately two hours, travelling southeast along the coast of Lake Ontario.

  • Starting Point: Niagara Falls
  • Destination: Toronto
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The Cowboy Trail

Live like a cowboy on the aptly named Cowboy Trail, located in the province of Alberta. This trip begins in Calgary, the Cultural Capital of Canada and ends in Cardston.

  • Starting Point: Calgary
  • Destination: Cardston
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Landscapes of British Columbia

A "bucket list" staple which will take you off the beaten track, great for car rentals and RVs. Start your epic journey into the heart of British Columbia in the vibrant town of Whistler and head east along Duffy Lake Road to the interior.

  • Starting Point: Whistler
  • Destination: Sun Peaks