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Top Drives - Germany

Germany is an incredibly beautiful and diverse country. There is something for everyone including medieval towns and villages, spectacular scenery, ancient monuments and fascinating historical sites. Visit bustling cities such as Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, which are full of great eateries, shopping, night clubs and bars. Explore the Rhine and Moselle regions for world class wine and food. Enjoy the unsurpassed beauty of the Bavarian Alps and tour the River Elbe or River Main and visit quaint villages along the way. With so much to see and do in Germany, the best way to see it all is by car. Germany has a fantastic road and highway network. The Autobahn will connect you between all the major cities quickly and efficiently, and will allow you to enjoy all the famous sites on your self-drive holiday.

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The Fairytale Road

The Germany Fairytale Road has been a fascinating tourist attraction since 1975. Covering 600kms of history, culture and bewitched castles.

  • Starting Point: Hanau
  • Destination: Breman
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Moselle Wine Route

If you like the good things in life; wine, food and beautiful surroundings then don’t go past the Moselle Wine Route.

  • Starting Point: Perl
  • Destination: Koblenz
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The Romantic Road

One of the most famous driving routes for visitors from all over the world is the Romantic Road in Germany.

  • Starting Point: Würzburg
  • Destination: Füssen
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The Alpine Road

Discover a number of picturesque towns and the alpine countryside.

  • Starting Point: Bodenseehotel Lindau
  • Destination: Berchtesgaden
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The Castle Road

The Castle Road offers a preview into the Middle Ages and some of the amazing scenery that Germany has to offer.

  • Starting Point: Mannheim
  • Destination: Prague